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The Topic: Mold - Plain and simple.
There sure is a frenzy these days in reference to such a tiny little substance. Fact is, just about every home in South Florida has some kind of mold growth. Mold is a naturally occurring fungi that helps break down organic material in our environment. Without mold, we would be overwhelmed with dead leaves, grasses, and all kinds of other organic matter. Our climate also presents a perfect environment for these microscopic little demolition crews. Mold can be a good thing.


The Problem: Although practically every home has some mold, certain homes just have too much. This is usually the result of previous or ongoing water intrusion. Molds love water. If you have or had a water leak, chances are that mold growth is accelerating. We need to find out if there is an excessive amount of moisture that leads to mold in your home and if any mold is present. We also need to identify the type of mold we're dealing with. Certain molds are just bad news. Although most can be an environmental assistant, there are some that don't belong in the house at all. In fact, there are certain strains that release defensive compounds called mycotoxins that have been linked to a whole host of negative health effects. Exposure to molds usually occurs when people inhale mold spores or associated mycotoxins. Depending on the subject's vulnerability, touching or breathing these compounds can have serious health consequences. Small children, the elderly, and those with immune deficiencies are particularly susceptible.

Your House: If you've had a recent water leak or flooding. If you have noticed a musty smell. If family members are experiencing certain chronic and unexplained negative health effects that are associated with toxic mold exposure like nasal stuffiness, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. If you see a suspicious discoloration on your walls, ceilings, furniture, or clothing. You may have an unsafe mold condition.

Contact us. We're not interested in unnecessary inspections or tests. If we can help, great! If not, we'll often be able to tell you that too, right over the phone, saving you time and money.

What We Do: If it turns out that an inspection is necessary, an experienced, licensed inspector will come out to your home and perform a thorough site inspection, looking for signs of excess moisture and mold. If suspicious elements are found, there are a variety of tests available using the very latest technology to determine just what we're up against. We can find and define the type of mold you have, if any, and recommend a course of action.

We are a completely independent inspection firm that works solely and exclusively for you. We are not associated with any insurance, remediation, clean up, or construction company. We have no stake in your inspection results other than to provide you with an accurate picture of the conditions in your home as they relate to mold and moisture. We therefore inspect and test only on your say so, allowing you to control the scope and expense involved.

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